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Unlock Healing Potential with Therapeutic Ultrasound at Atlas Spine Clinic in Richmond Hill

The majority of individuals are undoubtedly aware of the usage of ultrasound during pregnancy. It’s a fantastic tool for visualizing and monitoring the fetus. But did you realize that the same technology can be applied to so many other things? Ultrasonic therapy, for example, can provide comfort if you suffer from persistent pain. Continue reading to find out what this treatment can do for you.

How does ultrasound therapy work?

Ultrasound is an extremely high frequency sound that is also referred to as sonography or ultrasonography. Although humans cannot hear the sound, they do gain from the effects. With the use of this technology, medical professionals can “see” on a monitor various bodily structures, such as organs, tendons, muscles, arteries, and joints. The same technique aids in the recovery of tendons, joints, and muscles as well. For this purpose, chiropractors frequently use ultrasonic therapy.

Ultrasound therapy can be divided into two basic groups. Both of them employ sound waves that can reach the delicate tissues beneath the skin. The first type, thermal ultrasound, delivers soundwaves continuously. Usually, it is applied to persistent pain. The second method is mechanical therapy, which employs sound wave pulses. This kind is more frequently utilized for injuries and other short-term ailments.

Ultrasound technology produces soundwaves with shorter wavelengths than most other noises. They may move more quickly and more effectively reflect back from things as a result. The visuals that the majority of us are familiar with are produced as a result of how ultrasound waves pass through bones and tissue before reflecting back. The ultrasound’s heat penetrates deeply into the tissue, which makes it a useful tool for treating pain and wounds.

What Is the Process of Ultrasonography?

Ultrasound treatment works by employing a wand-like applicator with a microphone-like head. This is known as a transducer head. The professional therapist will administer gel to either the transducer head or the treatment location on the body. The gel aids in the uniform transmission of sound waves. The therapist then pushes the applicator wand around the target region in tiny circles. Each treatment typically lasts between five and 10 minutes.

The FDA considers ultrasound therapy to be a safe procedure when administered by a certified physician. It should never be unpleasant, but if the region of injury or pain is sensitive, you may experience some discomfort. The vibration caused by sound waves will be felt in the target region. Some people sense tingling or warmth, while many people feel nothing at all.

A condition known as hyperemia can arise during ultrasound treatment. This simply indicates that when tissue temperature rises, so does blood flow. This reduces inflammation and speeds up recovery. Another typical side effect of ultrasound therapy is tissue vibration, which happens during treatment. This vibration appears to stimulate cell healing in inflammatory regions.

What Is Treated by Ultrasound Therapy?

In addition to being successful in treating arthritis, ultrasound therapy is particularly beneficial in the treatment of back and neck conditions like whiplash, muscular strains, and back discomfort. In addition to the aforementioned advantages, it might lessen muscular pain that occasionally happens while trying to improve range of motion and mobility. The ultrasonic therapy’s deep-penetrating heat promotes the body’s innate capacity for healing, as well as improving circulation and reducing stiffness.

Even though ultrasound therapy has been shown to be successful, it is only a short-term fix, so you could require more sessions to see the greatest effects. To maximize effects, this treatment is frequently combined with other therapies. For example, your chiropractor or another healthcare provider could advise physical therapy, massage, stretching, heat therapy, or other treatments.

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